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Zhenya Gurina-Rodriguez
We had to leave our three doggies for two weeks, because we went on the international trip. Doggie Diggs was the perfect place - safe, fun, and totally reliable. We had a peace of mind knowing that our boys are in good hands. They got to play during the day with the daycare and at night they all slept together in a huge crate. We also checked on them through the webcam and got their pictures. When we got home, they were happy and healthy. And the prices are very reasonable for the quality of care that your pets get at Doggie Diggs. When we travel from now on, our boys are staying at Doggie Diggs

Roger D. Carroll
Recently my stepfather passed away and we had to leave town with little notice. My pet Schnoodle was scheduled to be neutered that same week. Candace offered to take Ziggy to the vet as well as pick him up after the procedure so he could convalesce with his puppy buddies at Doggie Diggs. What a relief! The compassion Candace displays for her business is inspiring. My dog has become social and his personality has bloomed. The delight he displays as we pull into the parking lot is very satisfying. I can have the peace of mind he will be well cared for and he has the time of his life with his puppy buddies. He comes home tuckered out and content! I couldn't ask for more!!!

Mayra Guerra
Absolutely love Doggie Diggs! I was referred to Doggie Diggs after I had a bad experience with another kennel in the FW area. Candace, the owner, made me feel comfortable leaving my one year old Yorkie under her care. It is evident everyone at Doggie Diggs is a dog lover! Additionally, a trainer and groomer are conveniently on-site and are wonderful as well. The best part is you know all of these individuals genuinely care for your puppy. Just spend a couple of minutes there or see how they interact with the dogs through the webcam, and you will have no doubt your four-legged friend is in good hands

Justin Unger
I have a 3 month old miniature poodle puppy that I started bringing to Doggie Diggs in order to get her properly socialized, especially with dogs her size. She was shy at first and uncertain of the new experience, but owner Candace and her trainer Tess worked with her, making sure she wasn't overwhelmed by other dogs. They also reinforce the good behaviors I'm teaching her at home with a clicker and positive reinforcement. Now, my puppy loves going to Doggie Diggs and is very comfortable! I love that Candace can gauge her needs since she is learning how to be away from me. It is also nice that there are other puppies there who can match my puppy's energy and become lifelong friends! I liked the daycare and training services, so my puppy will also be groomed there. It's really a one-stop-shop and I never have to worry while I am work that my puppy is being taken care of.

C Graves
I took my Basset in for boarding and a few baths and every experience has been fantastic. Candace was more than just nice, she accommodated us in every way. My little buddy can be a handful at times and I never got the sense that he was a drag to them.  I loved the facility, it has plenty of yard space and even a large run for those that might have to be separated when outside. The yard was also well maintained which is great, I didn't see any poop! They even have a side yard for public use if you live in the area. Candace is a nice woman and has always been professional. I will continue to go back there as long as they will have me!

Dianne Larivee
Doggie Diggs provides a great playday day care for my bichon mix Jack! We just moved to Fort Worth and Doggie Diggs was my first stop. He can't wait to get out of the car in the morning and sleeps the whole way home. I love the price and he loves his new buddies which are just his size!

Aaron Brunson
We take our dog, Georgia, once a week to Doggie Diggs and she absolutely loves it. When I ask her if she wants to go to Doggie Diggs today she immediately runs to the door. Candace is great with all of the dogs and this is the only place we found that has an actual outside playground for the dogs to hangout all day. If you don't want you dog locked up in a kennel or small room for most of the day Dogdie Diggs is for you. The best part is your dog being completely tired and lazy for the rest of the night when you get home.

Trina Segura
Very personable doggie daycare w/people who care about your loved one almost as much as you do! Responsive, safe, clean, friendly, loving, reasonably priced, great location from downtown ft worth. Also love that it's small dogs only

Amber Blair
I think my dog lives better than I do when she's with Candace and her staff at Doggie Diggs. My dog goes multiple times a week - she loves getting pampered, exercised and hanging out with all her friends and I love that she's tired and happy at the end of the day! I also love that Candace offers so many additional services like training, grooming and a selection of super healthy dog food all under her roof. This place is the best!

Matthew Sarbello
I have a 3 month old Dachshund that I just starting taking to Doggie Diggs. I don't know who loves it more, me or him. He's a slow starter in the morning but as soon as we pull up and he sees Candace, he goes crazy. They take great care of him and are very concerned about each dog's well being. You can even watch your dog play throughout the day on the live webcam. And the best part of all is that he is in a puppy coma when I pick him up from playing all day. I don't usually leave reviews but the services there are just exceptional. Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to reevaluate their opinion.

Andrea Carroll
Our puppy Ziggy absolutely loves Doggie Diggs and so do we! We haven't had a puppy in 20 years and had to leave town with no one to take care of our 4 month old puppy. We were so excited to find a place that loves him as much as we do. Candace sent us pictures of him and the other dogs while we were on our trip. And seeing him playing on the doggie cams is awesome. He now enjoys the doggie day care and loves to go there. He cries in the AM if he doesn't get to go!

Christa Garrett
We take our dog Stella to daycare at least once a week, and she absolutely LOVES it! The second she enters, she is off running and playing. Not only can I check-in on her through the webcam, but Candace will send me pictures and videos so I can see just how much fun Stella is having. You can tell that Candace truly loves dogs and her job, and that reflects in how happy (and exhausted!) Stella is when we pick her up. We also board our large bulldog here, and he gets his own separate play area away from the little ones to keep everyone safe. We love that our dogs are so well-loved and taken care of here!

Stacy Wright
Candace and her team are outstanding and I can't say enough nice things about how they've cared for our dog, Scout, and how kind they've been to me and my husband. We had a water leak in our home that left us with no good option but to board Scout for weeks at a time. Candace never hesitated to take her in on short notice and love on her while we had to deal with house issues. It's also a great comfort to us to see how excited Scout is in to run into the building once we pull into the parking lot. I usually can't open the car door fast enough for Scout to run in and play. Trust your dog kiddos to this fabulous team - they're like a second family!

Noah Hopping
Charles, my Italian greyhound, and I absolutely love Doggie Diggs! The staff and owner are friendly and very attentive. I bring Charles to Doggie Diggs a few days a week for daycare and have let him sleepover twice when I've gone out of town for work. Charles gets lots of time outdoors to run around and play with his buddies during daycare, but spends the hot afternoon indoors in the A/C. Every time that I pick him up he's tired from all the fun he's had! I really appreciate all the communication I get from the staff and owner as well as the indoor and outdoor webcams. Furthermore, since every dog has to pass a temperament test, I'm sure that Charles is safe from ill-mannered bullies. I highly recommend Doggie Diggs. They've made my life a lot easier.

Pamela Adams
Hercules' Mom-    My puppy absolutely loves Doggie Diggs! In fact, if I don't move fast enough in the morning, he starts "fussing" at me so I will hurry up. When we get within a block or two, he starts going crazy. I sometimes tease Candace and accuse her of giving him puppy crack :)) Also, when I have to board him, I feel a lot less guilt because this is like his "home away from home." Candace and her employees are awesome and it shows how much they care. I'm so grateful that I discovered Doggie Diggs, and I don't know what I would do without it!

Rocky's Mom- a week ago
Our sweet 3 year old schnauzer, Rocky, absolutely loves Doggie Diggs! We take him usually about once a month and leave him for the weekend while we are away on trips. He has made so many friends at Doggie Diggs and Candace (the owner) is just great with him. I especially love that he can run free during the day and that we can log in to the website and actually watch him play! We would not take our sweet boy to anyone else

GabbyGirl ‎ - a month ago
Doggie Diggs is worth a drive! We drive all the way from Aledo just to take Gabby to play with all her friends at Doggie Diggs. We tell Gabby she's going to Doggie Diggs and she begins running around with her tail wagging letting us know she can't wait to get there. As soon as we exit 30 onto Lancaster, Gabby indicates that she knows she's in for a day of fun, play, and getting lots of hugs from Candace. It took a lot of searching to find a doggie daycare for my little Bichon Frise and I'm so glad I found the perfect place. Candace caters to small dogs with lots of play, love, and attention.
Elbie's Mom ‎ - a month ago
 I've been taking my dog to Candace and Doggie Diggs since he was 12 weeks old. I'd be lost without her (no dog should be home alone for 8-9 hours a day) and he adores her and all the puppies at daycare. Candace is very careful to select well socialized puppies (the earlier you start, the better) and always has a great group. I totally trust her with Elbie Bear Magoo. He runs to the door dying to get in and doesn't even stop to say "bye Mom"! Candace is great about updating you with pictures and videos and you can watch puppycam anytime. Doggie Diggs is the best daycare around!

Christina ‎ - 4 months ago
 Our wonderful King Charles Spaniel , Oscar, LOVES Doggie Diggs!! He used to run away when he knew we were getting in the car. NOW...he runs TO the car the second I open the back door. He is SO happy when we pull up. Candace sends us updates and pics when she can(and you can always check the cam online to see them playing inside or out!!).She is very passionate about her job..and it shows.Recently we had to board him for the first time- very last minute. When I picked him up...I could tell he had not been stressed at all!(not the case when I had to board him before at another place in town) It is his new home away from home. We can work long hours knowing that he is happy, healthy , and loved just as he is at our house. I am so very thankful to have found Doggie Diggs and Candace. If you have a smaller dog and need daycare(or overnight stays)....this IS the only place

Naomi ‎ - 4 months ago
My dog Brody had a great time at Doggie Diggs!! We use Doggie Diggs for extended boarding because our guy has pretty bad separation anxiety and we don't want him locked in a cage all day long. So this is perfect! He gets to play all day, still be around people, and then is tuckered out by night time. My dog is pretty well socialized, but it did take him a day to get used to all of the other dogs (so he was separated the first day). During our vacation Candace sent us text messages and videos showing him playing and having fun. Although we don't have a need for a day care (husband is home full time) I do plan on taking him in now and then just so he continues to be socialized. I would HIGHLY recommend Doggie Diggs!!!

Ben ‎ - 4 months ago
We take our 10 month old Boston Terrier to doggie diggs' daycare every week and she loves it. We drive up and she can't wait to get in the door. Our dog has gained alot of social skills by going and playing with the other dogs, and she comes home exhausted everytime we take her becuase she runs outside in the yard or plays with the other dogs all day, kennel free. We could not have been happier with our selection of doggie daycares, and we even got a stocking with treats and goodies for our dog at Christmas time

Sandra ‎ - 4 months ago
I researched doggie daycare in Fort Worth prior to finding Doggie Diggs. It is a real daycare, NOT a kennel. My puppy goes every day and is so happy to see Candace and her helpers. They treat her so special, just like all the puppies. I know she is healthier and more socialized than if I left her at home all day. Knowing that she is safe from big dogs, and able to play with puppies her size is essential to my being able to focus on my work. My baby goes to daycare every day, all day long, and when I pick her up, she is ready for a nap. I HIGHLY recommend Doggie Diggs for anyone who is looking for a playdate for their dog every day!! I would not even think of taking our puppy anywhere except to Candace and Doggie Diggs

Brittany ‎ - 5 months ago
Doggie Diggs and Candace are the best! I own a similar Dog Daycare/Boarding facility in Fort Worth and have been sending all small dogs over to Candace for a little over a year now. From time to time I will get a call back from a client thanking me for the wonderful reference over to Doggie Diggs and letting me know that they couldn't be happier. She does a wonderful job with all of the little dogs and you can tell she is very much about quality over quantity! I highly recommend Doggie Diggs to anyone looking for that personalized care for their fur-kid! They are the best in the business!!! :)

sally ‎ - 5 months ago
When I moved to Fort Worth from Boston I thought I would never find the kind of daycare my pup Henry had in Massachusetts, but I have and now when I go back to Boston I wish I had Candace and Doggie Diggs there! Candace is so warm, loving and caring to all the dogs. Like children, she appreciates the funny quirks and personalities of each dog. Henry knows when Tuesdays and Thursdays roll around and bugs me to get moving and on to Doggie Diggs to play with his friends! The facilities are clean and dogs well supervised inside and out and I just know he is having fun and I don't have to worry about him at all.

jdlukacs ‎ - 8 months ago
Our puppy, Butter, loves Doggie Diggs. We spend alot of time at the office and don't have time to exercise our puppy enough. At daycare Butter plays with many other dogs all day long. We watch her on the web cam and can see her having fun all day long. When we bring her home she is so tired that she sleeps alot, all night long, and we don't feel bad about not spending time with her outside because we know that she gets plenty of exercise during the day. I don't know what we would do if it wasn't for Candice and Doggie Diggs. We highly recommend Doggie Diggs because it is truely a real doggie daycare and not a kennel!

NatalieG ‎ - a year ago
My mal-shi, Riley, and I LOVE Doggie Diggs and Candace!!! I can always drop him off without having to worry about what kind of care he will be getting while I'm away! I especially love that she has cameras in the play areas so that I can check in online anytime I like! Candace has been a real life saver for me. She truly cares about the well being of your pet and treats each and everyone of them as if they were her own! She is very reasonably priced and well worth the money! I HIGHLY recommend Doggie Diggs to everyone looking for a doggie daycare in the fort worth area!

Lala ‎ - a year ago
I searched for a place I could take my dogs when I needed to or when they got bored and needed some fun. This is the ONLY place I could find where they weren't sitting in a sad and lonely cage . Not only are they not in a cage, they can play all day without me having to worry about a big dog running them over. Candace is great with them and they come home happy and tired. They can go inside or outside, play or nap. I can check on them via my phone, but I don't because I trust her! This is a smaller place than most 'kennels', so they get one on one attention. I don't know why someone hasn't come up with a place like this sooner. This is doggie daycare at the childcare level. If you have a small dog, they will be happy here! Thanks Candace!

Colton ‎ - a year ago
Doggie Diggs- Disney World for Puppies. My little guy has been coming to doggie diggs for a while now. Best decision I have ever made. He gets to run around and play all day while I go to school or run errands. Such peace of mind knowing he is having a blast instead of being stuck at home alone. Candace is so fantastic. Her love of the dogs and her business is so obvious. I was a bit anxious dropping my pup off somewhere new, but within minutes was completely comforted. Doggie Diggs is clean and spacious. Candace only takes socialized dogs so there is no fear of my puppy ever getting hurt. They are never in a crate and get to play inside or outside (depending on the weather) all day long! As soon as I ...Doggie Diggs- Disney World for Puppies. My little guy has been coming to doggie diggs for a while now. Best decision I have ever made. He gets to run around and play all day while I go to school or run errands. Such peace of mind knowing he is having a blast instead of being stuck at home alone. Candace is so fantastic. Her love of the dogs and her business is so obvious. I was a bit anxious dropping my pup off somewhere new, but within minutes was completely comforted. Doggie Diggs is clean and spacious. Candace only takes socialized dogs so there is no fear of my puppy ever getting hurt. They are never in a crate and get to play inside or outside (depending on the weather) all day long! As soon as I pick my guy up (well he never wants to leave), but he passes out in the car and is asleep for the whole night. Best decision I ever made! Totally worth every penny and with Candace's puppy packages, paying for his adventure land is so easy! I will never take my dog anywhere else. Happiest place on earth!
Debbie ‎ - a year ago
Doggie Diggs is the best day care I've ever taken my little girl to. When we pull up, my mini-schnauzer quakes with excitement, runs straight to the door and right in. No separation anxiety there! All the doggies love to play and socialize. My spirited little one comes home in the "puppy play school" coma and passes out by 7 PM. What a wonderful place! Thank you Candace for all you do!!! We are forever customers

Doggie Diggs and Candace ROCK~! I've brought Sadie to Doggie Diggs since she was a puppy. Doggie Diggs having a great yard taught her to go outside to potty. Made my life at home so much easier. Sadie knows when she's going to daycare. She gets so excited~! Sadie has learned great social skills. Candace loves all the dogs like they are her own children. She is a real "MOM" to all the dogs. I am empressed by her desire and well being of the dogs. Candace is tender hearted and that carries over to the pups! Candace loves what she does so much. How many people do you know that love what they do enough to say, "I even enjoy mopping the floor of this place!" I've heard Candace say that. This is also a great place to hang out andwatch the dogs play. Their personalities are so funny. I can't say anything but great things about Candace and Doggie Diggs!!! More than five stars as far as Sadie and I are concerned.
Kristi ‎ - a year ago
The BEST dog care! Doggie Diggs is the BEST place to take your dog for daycare or overnight stays. I found Diggs last April and have taken my dog every week since then. The owner is very knowledgeable of dog care and truly loves the dogs. It is a safe, fun environment for them to play and socialize- my dog never wants to leave! You won't find better care for your dog than Diggs, they are the bes

Absolute Best Doggie Day Care! I absolutely adore Doggie Diggs! I have been taking Cooper twice a week for about two months. Candace and all of the crew are fantastic! They show the dogs so much love and attention. You can really tell they love Cooper as much as I do! As soon as I mention doggie day care, he perks up and heads for the car. You wont regret taking your pup to Doggie Diggs!

Kim ‎ - 2 years ago
WONDERFUL! Doggie Diggs is great to our dogs - they just LOVE to spend the day here and get spoiled with attention! The atmosphere is very calm and the dogs definitely come first

MadisonTrevino ‎ - 3 weeks ago
Doggie Diggs is by far my greatest discovery ever! My little Easton gets very lonely when we are gone and likes to take it out on my furniture, baseboards, carpet, you name it! But since she's been going to Doggie Diggs a couple times a week, she hasn't destroyed anything. She comes home completely exhausted from such a fun day. I love that I can check on her on the Doggie Cam and see her running around with all the other dogs. Candace is so wonderful with the dogs. She's even been working with Easton on her behavior and I've seen genuine improvement in her. I don't know what I'd do without Doggie Diggs!

britchick ‎ - 4 months ago
My dog has been attending daycare at doggie diggs for the past 6 months and we love it! She has been to others in the past where she wouldn't want to get out of the car but here she bolts out. The staff there are wonderful and I'm glad that the dogs that go there are screened as my dog has been attacked at another daycare. I would recommend them to everyone!