The what, why, and how of dog training can be fast, fun, and easy!

Tess Windhauser CPDT-KA, ABCDT
Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed, 2013
Animal Behavior College Dog Trainer, 2012

Tess uses positive reinforcement to motivate dogs to offer the behaviors she wants voluntarily. This method is user-friendly and fun, so the whole family can get involved. Instead of teaching a dog to be obedient in order to avoid something undesirable, like the tightening of a slip collar or a bop on the nose, Tess encourages dogs to become actively involved in their own learning by rewarding dogs only when they have earned it and removing the opportunity for the reward when mistakes are made. These techniques are proven to be extremely effective in learning how to communicate with your dog.

Day Training
Tess will teach your dog basic family manners that every dog should know. Sessions are one-on-one and conducted at your dog's pace. When your dog has learned to offer the behaviors to Tess, she will teach you how to get the same reliable responses in an hour of Owner Training at Doggie Diggs or in the privacy of your own home.

Private, In-home Training
In-Home training allows particularly shy or fearful dogs to begin training in the comfort of a familiar environment. As the behaviors strengthen, they can be generalized to other environments gradually. Specific problem behaviors that are related to the environment may also be addressed.


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